Mayes Family Farm

About Mayes Family Farm Providing high quality hay for over 50 years

Here on the Mayes Family farm we have been growing high quality Alfalfa and Orchard grass hay for horses for over 50 years here in south central Kentucky. Our bales are firm small square bales that will average 50 pounds in weight. Which makes them easy for most anyone to load and unload.


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We use the latest seed technology and work closely with our fertilize provider and farm extension service to provide our customers with high quality hay.  


Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting our hay from insects and weeds. It is our goal to provide you with a healthy high quality feed for your animals.  


We have a great relationship with customers around the area and we try offer our customers three options of hay.

11 Alfalfa

2) Alfalfa mixed with Orchard Grass

3) Orchard Grass